What to Expect

Our dress code at is informal and casual, with of course an emphasis on comfort while maintaining modesty.  Our worship music consists of a blend of grand hymns of the faith along with newer contemporary selections, all of which are solidly Biblical.  A children’s program is offered during out 10:00 am service for ages birth through preschool.

The preaching and teaching of Christ Alone Church is primarily expository in nature, meaning that we walk verse by verse through books of the Bible. Our pastor uses both the New King James Version and the English Standard Version of the Scriptures. We are not a KJV only church and while people who hold to this conviction are certainly welcome to join us in worship, this will not be our primary focus.

Christ Alone Church  offers a prayer & Bible study class on Wednesdays beginning at 6:30pm. We study the Scriptures with other believers (often using questions about the prior Sunday’s sermon, generated by Pastor Tim), ask questions, discuss topics, and have a time of prayer.

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